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LOBO Unbound!

Anybody check out the new Lobo comic? Lobo Unbound? Damn this is some funny shit with amazing art. Most interesting body part used for a weapon I’ve ever seen in a storyline by the bad guy. Ciao. :slight_smile:

Arc-Co: Have not read Lobo recently, but he’s got attitude! Never mind the fact he trounced Superman and send him running for his Kryptonian powersuit for ‘help’. I read one his Greatest Hits (nice pun) and wonder if there has been any more. Lobo’s one of a kind. Kids, don’t model this at home, well, not too much!

Yeah I have Greatest Hits as well. Good cover art. Hehhehe. There have been lots of Lobe stuff out there. This new series looks like the best yet. I wish I could turn into him when people cut me off in traffic. Ciao. :slight_smile: