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Lobbying Nets 220,000%



Abramoff was surprised the return was so low , called sound investing strategy , I would not mind throwing a few thousand on an investment like that


'In this paper we use audited corporate tax disclosures relating to a tax holiday on repatriated earnings created by the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 to examine the return on lobbying. We find firms lobbying for this provision have a return in excess of $220 for every $1 spent on lobbying, or 22,000%.'



Your right , my bad :slight_smile: I still would not mind getting returns like that . I believe there is reason and cause for lobbying but it needs more regulations and transparency.



You will never, ever learn, wont you?


Tell me how the free market is going to help corruption in Government


It wont.

If it is truly free it will simply be a government free area, therefore government corruption free.


Orion, even when you show them how their reasoning is circular they still like to go round and round, don't they?

Government intervention corrupts the free market therefore we need more government intervention in the market.



But, but we need the RIGHT regulations, put in place by the RIGHT people.

And, naturally, a place where you can make a killing of 2376 gazzillion percent will attract all the right people who will make all the right wules....

Hey, what could possibly go wrong?


OK I get in a perfect world , but the world is not or will it ever be perfect. I personally think there way too many monopolies for a free market to ever work . The monopolies would enslave the poplulace


Basically you espouse theory


Such as?

And dare not drag government created monopolies into this.


No, basically I am espousing the rather logical position that government corruption is trimmed back when they have less to sell.


Government is a monopoly which enslaves a populace.

It is precisely because the world is not perfect that government cannot work because only in a perfect world would there be no ill consequence to any policy the government decided to pursue.

In an ideal world, of course, we would not need to have this conversation over and over again.


What, he is putting forward that getting rid of evil corporate monopolies we just build one giant monopoly with a standing army and all will be well.

Which, incidentally, does not even work in theory, but then again, libertarians are crazy ideologues so what do I know.


I am not saying Libertarians are crazy ideologues , I am saying it is theory and should be applied in such a way to maximize the up side and minimize the down. Same with Socialism , Communism , Democracy or Republic they all work great in theory. But there is no way to weed out corruption with out a relentless pursuit of wrong doing.

I know all see regulation as a bad word . it is no more than law, The small people deal with regulation all the time . But some how when monopolies have figured out ways to rip off the poor people and the people want laws that would punish wrong doers , it is some how considered bad for , I do not know what


And who is going to write those laws.

Who is going to pour money into researching how to write those laws and then lobby for them?

All you will end up with is one monopoly or cartel more, one for lobbying.

All in the name of ensuring transparency of course.

When you will you finally learn that for you that there is only one way to win this game:

Dont play it.


so tell me how the free market would handle a company that owns water rights to a city.


tell me how or if a company would be called on repairing polluting the water table


Is there only one water source or has the local government created a monopoly by granting those "rights" to someone?