Loads of 4-Androstene-3, 17 diol

I have several bottles of Androdiol from Genetic Evolutionary Nutrition(GEN). The androdiol consist of 4-Androstene-3, 17 diol 100mg per cap. I purchased this stuff a long time ago when “The Andro Wars” article came out. I was wondering how I should use this stuff. From what I understand since it’s in capsule form I would need to take some every three hours to get any affect. How much should I take and for how long. I was thinking 200mg every three hours four about three weeks. Any opinions are appreciated.

I would make the dosage 2 grams divided by however many doses per day you plan to take.
For example, if 6 doses, then 300-350 mg per dose.

However, I would also check the stuff before taking that much. If it is the higher grade imported material, you should be fine. If this is what you have, the powder in the capsules will have no bitter taste at all, and will be white. If the powder is off-colored and bitter, then it is the quite-impure domestic product. I would be dubious about consuming 2 grams per day of that stuff. 600 mg/day for a few weeks is proven to be no problem, but as for consuming mass amounts of the junk in that stuff, I am not sure about that.

Oddity: you won’t need any iron supplementation if you use that much of the domestic stuff: 2 grams will meet the USRDA for iron!!!

Thanks for the reply Bill, I found out that I have a lot less than I thought. Only about 9.5 days worth at the dosage you recommended. I’m going to try it though and see what happens.
Thanks again

Most of the andro will not get past your body’s liver and filtration system. So you may want to assume that 95% of the pill will be wasted. I use heaps and mix it with olive oil to get it to absorb in my system better. In additon to this mixture I take it 20 minutes after eating. My hope is to have my body deal with food intake and hopefully slip more diol past my liver. For me this works well. I use it on a cyclical basis. I like it with ecydyserone( measurements big scoops are pea sized) and biopherine powder 1/2 a pea sized scoop. Also, this stuff does you no good if your protein is off. I eat 1 1/2 grams of protein per lb of body weight. I take this concoction One hour before I work out usually 6am and again at 3pm. Not at late pm as it can cut your bodys own production of testosterone. It can also cut your sex drive if you run on it too long, while in the initial first few days it might rev up your drive. Ihope this helps. Peace