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Loading the Reverse Calf Raise

I train my front calves (Tibialis Anterior, I believe) once or twice a week but haven’t found a good way to load any movements with weight effectively. I’ve seen a machine that does it well but its one that I don’t have access to. I’ve tried using a dumbbell or cable attachment at the feet, but these just feel a bit awkward. The best I’ve found is just doing reverse calf raises (standing) in a Smith machine with my heels on plates, but even that one feels a little wonky. If anyone has any methods that they feel are effective in loading a front calf raise, or tips regarding what I’ve already mentioned, I would really appreciate the feedback.


Standing with your heels on a step and performing ‘reverse calf raises’.

Walking around on your heels (a good finisher for reverse calf raises).

Sitting/laying using a band looped over your foot so you can do reverse calf raises or isometric holds.

Wow, I feel like an idiot for never having tried bands. And I like the walking around on heels, despite looking like a jackass. Thanks for the input.

you can sit upright in the leg curl and lift toes against the pad. you can do single or double leg.

Putting your toes under a weight bench and lifting the bench that way works pretty well. Plates go on top.

These are all great; gonna give them a go tomorrow.
Thanks again for everyone’s input, I like the obscure ideas