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Loading the Barbell


This is probably a rather stupid question and definitely one only a beginner would ask but here goes:

How do you load the barbell for a squat or bench without it falling over due to the weight difference on one side of a bar once a plate is put on one side and before you can put a plate on the other side to balance out the weight?


You find another troll to put it on the other side.


is that the only way to do it? I dont think many people would want to help me rack and unrack my weights.


It shouldn't fall over if there is a one plate difference. If it does, then you could load a smaller plate onto end A, go and put a plate on end B, then go back to end A, remove the smaller plate and load what you want onto it, making sure you end A whilst it has no plates on it so it doesn't flip up.

On our bench press there are some pins you can push through to stop it flipping up, see if yours has those too.

or generally use smaller plates, as you're a beginner


Yeah im not going to be putting 5 45lb plates on each side lol. But i was just thinking if i put a 35lb on one side wuldnt the bar flip up before i culd put a plate on the other side?


Parsley, I don't know if you're an actual douchebag troll, or are genuinely asking

If it's the latter I love the fact that you're not afraid to ask some really obvious, dumb questions. I think you'll go far if you're being serious. If you're not then stop reading after this sentence: you're an asshat.

Ok, I'm assuming that you've never played the puzzle/logic game Tower of Hanoi. If you had you'd be able to figure this out rather quickly. If you're putting on enough weight on one side of the bar that causes the other unloaded end to flip, how would one go about counterbalancing the weight on the heavy side BEFORE it flips? Simple, load the other side with enough weight as to counterbalance the weight on the opposite side.

I.E. put plate on side 1, then put plate on side 2. Repeat until desired weight is loaded.


No. Any rack or bench that holds the bar so close to it's center that a single plate would flip it is a piece of garbage, and a very dangerous one at that.

Now go to the gym.


learn some fucking physics. a 45 lb bar is not gonna flip from a 35 lb plate and the tiny ass lever created by the pins it rests upon. if this is a serious question, your retarded. im sorry, beginner or not, this is a stupid question.


Calm down there's no reason to be a dick. I understand its a stupid question im fourteen give me a break. You could have said something more like what polo said or what anyone else said. U don't have to be a complete ass. what's the point of even commenting if ur just gunna be a douche?


because you needed to be smacked down, interwebz style.


dude, I assumed you had at least tried it!

As you're loading the weight on you will be able to tell if the bar is going to flip - this is harder when you're de-loading however. Even if it does, it won't hurt you. You need to not be a pussy about it.

There are a number of times when I've forgotten to make sure the weight is somewhat balanced as I'm removing weight and bam. I've done it on the bench, the squat rack, the bar rack, and it didn't hit me once.


I think dudes like paulson need to be smacked down, interwebz style ... at least this kid asks different questions each time ... take it eazy Bob Digi


well played. I apologize.


Just for future reference: with an oly bar and a wide rack, you can put a 100lb plate on one side and not tip it.

With a narrow rack, be careful. I've seen the whole bench tip over.