Loading/Spotting Before Meet

Hey all, I volunteered to be a spotter/loader for the guys that are lifting the day before me.

Will this effect my lifts in any way or should I be taking it easy the day before the meet?

I know it isn’t exactly the most strenuous of tasks, but its still a good portion of the day of loading plates and maybe assisting lifters.

Anyone have any personal experience?

You could end up being there a while with not a whole lot of breaks, try to eat and drink as much as you can if weigh-ins arent an issue. You should be fine

I just discovered another “problem”.

I’m doing a 24 hour weigh in. So right after the weigh in I’m jumping into spotting/loading. My plan was to binge on carbs the whole day…

I just don’t want to un-volunteer I’m gonna feel like I betrayed the motherland.

Just sayin’…

My first exposure to PL was spotting a 2 day meet.

Well run meet which meant that the head judge was on us to KEEP IT MOVING!

I got beat to death. Dumped 700+ pound squats fell like rain. I lifted 100 pound plates to chin level like 32,457 times (+/-).

Deadlifts were no small thing either. I was obsessed with making sure the plates on my side were gas tight.

I lost over 3 pounds of water weight day one and I was slamming free Gatorade.

If you are competing, I’m sure whomever you committed to will understand if you most humbly step down.

Don’t do it. I haven’t spotted and loaded but have run a number of meets. It can be a long, grueling day for the platform crew. Not only are you lifting all day, it has to be fast and it has to be right. I would never expect a lifter to spot/load the day before they lift. If you’re committed to helping, there are usually a number of other jobs going like head table or keeping the warm up room in decent order.

I’m late to the party, but yeah I would not do it. I ended up spotting at a meet for 12 hours with no breaks. That included break down the equipment and catching numerous benches/squats. By the end of the day I was dead.

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