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Loading Sports Movements

Whats the general opinion on performing sports specific movements against resistance?

I was having a discussion with a kickboxer who was thinking about wearing ankle weights while training to increase her kicking speed and power.

I said that I dont like the idea of loading sports specific movements as it can change the mechanics and the movement pattern. I suggested strengthening the muscles involved in the kicks with ‘non kicking’ movements and to keep her kick speed training unweighted when she does skills training.

Anyone agree with me? not agree with me?

I don’t know if using heavy balls for sports such as basketball and softball and baseball count in this category, but used a heavier ball in softball has helped me throw a lot harder/farther. I think it would be fine for her if she focused on mechanics and not power with the weights.

Yes you are right re there being the possibility of changing the mechanics but there can be a compromise,

I have my fighters shadow box with the bands 60% of the time and the rest without.I find that by doing this they get all the benefits of using the bands but without developing any bad habits.

Again you are correct when you say to train the relevant muscle groups this must come first and she will see a big difference in her strength conditioning.

Hope this info is of some use.

Yea, I agree with Beni. She should do it, just not all the time.