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Loading Schemes


Hi CT,

I read your article about loading scemes https://www.t-nation.com/training/5-best-loading-schemes-for-size-strength and found it intresting.

My training looks like this at the moment and i train 3 times a week.

Workout A is deadlift and press (military)
Workout B is frontsquat and benchpress

My current loading sheme looks like this.

Workout A 3x3 @ 90% then 3x8 @ 75%
Workout B same as A above
Workout A 4x3 @ 90% then 3x8 @ 75%
Workout B same as A above
Workout A 5x3 @ 90% then 3x8 @ 75%
Workout B same as A above

Progression is when i hit 5x3 on the heavy lift i add 2,5kg on the lifts and reset to 3x3.
The 3x8 lifts i just add when i get all the reps, same as heavy progression.

I also finish my workout with power clean or power snatch emom, 4 rep for 10-14 min. When i get to 14 min i reset to 10min and add 2,5 kg.

The question is what loading sheme i should go to if i want a bit more size for the comming 10-12 weeks.

Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us.

Have a good day CT.


The scheme you are using (heavier than higher reps) is fine for size and strength. It’s very similar to the Hepburn method which works great. I would not change it unless it is only for variation to keep things interesting. There is no magical scheme when it comes to stimulating muscle growth. All that matters is creating muscle fatigue. Now, you might be limited in the amount of muscle you build by the lack of more isolated work, so some muscles will not respond optimally. But for the system you are using, your approach is fine and I doubt that making small changes in loading schemes would make a significant difference.


Thank you CT, just a follow up question.

What kind of isolation work do you suggest to do? Im time limited when i workout so in that case i would drop the emom work and do isolation. So about 10-15 min i got after my main lifts.

Thank you ones agian for your answers.