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Loading Pin Exercises?

Anyone here have any go-to exercises they use their weight pins for? I have two sitting amongst my gear pile from training for a Dinnie deadlift event this past summer.

Grip training is a fairly obvious go-to, but curious if anyone has any other unique ideas for usage. I rigged up a tricep pressdown station with them, but using a piece of webbing over the pullup bar doesn’t make for a very smooth action.

Something I appreciate about loading pins is how easily you can change the weight on them compared to threading the weights themselves through a belt. This opens up an avenue for stripsets when it comes to weighted dips and chins. Load up the pin with smaller plates rather than large denominations and then just strip weight off as you go.

They can also be an effective part of a chain yoke, but I haven’t personally experimented with that to be able to vouch for it.

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power stairs are a hell of an exercise. I really enjoyed training for a power stairs event last year. I just used a single box for my practice stair.

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I like them for overhead pressing. You attach pins to your barbell with chains or straps, pins on the floor. This is a great strict press variation IMO.

I keep the barbell on the ground instead of a rack as it’s easier to load. This could probably work for bench if you get the right length chain/strap.

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