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Loading More- 3 Weeks In

Currently :
Test Cyp 300mg E5D
Adex 0.25mg EOD

I’m 3 weeks in. Seeing some benefits but nothing major. Thinking about bumping it to 300mg Every 3 Days instead of five. Any problem increasing at this time during the cycle?

Also, what about the prospect of adding 50mg of oral Winny every training day (6days a week). Then bumping Adex to .25 every day to componsate. Does this look ok?

Be patient. Gains will come. You will surely destroy your body with that attitude. It’s steroids you’re taking, not some magic pill that adds a pound for every breath you take. Cypionate takes 3 weeks to kick in so you haven’t even felt the steroid yet. More is coming, just wait. Pick a shorter ester next time if you weren’t ready for a wait i.e. Sustanon, Prop, Suspension