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Loading Beta-Alanine?


Does anyone know if you can muscle load beta-alanine like creatine where you take more for a few days and then a maintenance load or will just taking the recommended dose before training or competition be just as effective.

Do I need to be taking it on the days I don't train? Will it build up if I take it chronically or is it more of an acute performance enhancer?

I will be taking a few days off b/c I have a fight coming up. Should I be loading up on it or is that a waste? Should I just take it the day before my fight?

Hopefully this makes since.

Anything else you would recommend the week leading up to my fight and/or prefight to help with performance?

I have been trying to alkalize my body by eating more veggies (kale, spinach, collard greens), drinking the juice of lemons, eating raisons, drinking more water because I figure that may help me buffer metabolic waste more efficiently during my training and hopefully my fight. ???


Here's the info I have from another site.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2,000-3,000mg twice daily. On workout days, take 2,000-3,000mg a
approximately 45 minutes prior to working out and another 2,000-3,000mg spaced out 8 to 12 hours apart, preferably with a meal. On non-training days, take 2 servings of 2,000-3,000mg per day spaced out 8 to 12 hours apart.

Not sure how to answer the other questions since I have no experience with MMA training and supplementation.

Good luck


I'm far, far from an expert on this stuff, but I thought it was targeted towards shorter term endurance, not 3/5 minutes of a round of a fight.

I've already read that building it up levels can take a long time, like a couple of months. I've seen doses of like 2.5g per day.

Plus, large doses can caus a skin tingling feeling. Which you might not like (I don't). in which case you need to keep the doses under 1g and just take lots and lots of them.


I can't say that I have ever had my skin tingle, but I have heard of that as well.

I currently take three capsules-3 times per day (800 mg for 3 capsules), so about 2.4 grams per day. I only weigh about 165 right now (fight at 155), so that is probably enough. Just wondering if anyone has heard if you can load it or not. I know more is not always better, but just curious.


In my experience, it works great for efforts lasting 2 to 20 minutes, so it is ideal for most combat athletes.

Again, from what I've seen in athletes, this is not the case. Most feel it's full effects in 1 to 2 weeks.

This can be avoided by using Beta-7. Its time-release formula allows users to get more from the same quantity of Beta alanine.