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Loaded Stretching

I have been curious about adding loaded stretching into my routines, but i keep reading varied applications. For example, an article i read in mens fitness states, that it should be done between sets.

While and older article i read on T-Nation states, it should be done after the reps and sets have been completed for that particular exercise. I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the correct way to preform it etc.


Parillo liked/likes to do it in between sets, short 10-15 second stretches.

Dante Trudel(doggcrapp) has people do it for 60-90 seconds after the muscle group is trained.

Pick your poison really… although I’m partial to the DC method.

Can you link the article you’re talking about? I’m curious as well. Thanks.

Honestly this is Dante’s method almost to the letter.

I like doing it after you are done training that group. Remember too much intense stretching before/during training can make you weaker.