Loaded Stretching for Side Delts?

Hi Christian
If I am doing loaded stretching for my side delts with lateral raises and how do I get them to stretch at the bottom ? , as my arms hit my side .
Have you got any videos of you doing something similar yourself . As I don’t have much faith in what I’m doing .
Thankyou in advance

I lie on my side on an incline bench and let my arm (and db) sink below my hip, either in front or behind, depending on where I feel the stretch most. I do similar standing at a cable station with the pulley set low.

Very late reply I know. Yet do not set the cable at the very bottom. The stretch position is when your humerus or upper arm is slightly past the midline of your body and the resistance is pulling directly in line with that so pull the cable up to whatever level get you in that position and then you’ll feel the stretch in your deltoid

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