Loaded Stretching for Mobility (and Increased Performance)

Hey Coach,

I just rewatched your presentation on Loaded stretching during the Swis symposium of 2016.

Brilliant information, highly recommend it to readers on this platform who are interested in gaining muscle, increasing athletic performance, improving mobility etc.

When using loaded stretching for mobility, you like to use isolation and movement specific exercises (for increased motor learning). What would you recommend if you want to increase mobility/motor learning for:

  1. Front squat: split squat, loaded standing calf raise or front squat with loaded bar? → purpose would be increasing ankle and hip mobility/tension

  2. Romanian deadlift: glute ham raise or RDL with loaded bar? → purpose would be more ROM in hamstrings and increased hamstrings recruitment during RDL’s

I really like this topic because there is so much to gain from it when used in training and using it the right way.