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Loaded Stretching/ EQI's


Hey Coach, i just wanted to ask you a question regarding loaded stretching/EQI’s.
As a hypothetical question - Your currently doing The best damn program for nattys, you finish watching your thibarmy video series on loaded stretching and get super excited, as you do naturally after watching your vids.
If you were currently doing the best damn program and wanted to try loaded stretching do you:
A- Train the loaded stretch after the workouts for 1/2 muscle groups per day ?
B- Swap the loaded stretch for one of the muscle working sets on that day ?
C - If answer B is best - Do you do the loaded stretch for all out failure for the 3 sets, or use the exact same approach as the program, two warm up loaded stretches then one to failure ?

Are loaded stretches best done at frequency/or 1 stretch per 7 days per muscle group ? Eg, chest stretch once every 7 days.
Thanks always Coach THIB !!


Loaded stretching doesn’t burn much glycogen. I would simply add it to the workout.