Loaded Question

Hi all,

I am trying to get cut up while maintaining size. Currently I am on 2 weeks of MD6 3x, old T2 3x’s a day and Methoxy7 2X’s a day. I have a 6 week supply of Mag10, Tribex and M. I am not trying to put on a ton of weight, how would you guys suggest I would best utilize the above supps to maximize my potential. I am 6’ 1", around 230 lbs at 20% bf. I know, I am fat, but I am willing to work as hard as I have to. I am 32 years old and want to GET RIPPED. Thanks in advance!

I’m going to assume that you have your training and diet right, because it would be foolish to not have the foundation solid and spend several hundred bucks on the best supplements in the world. You’re 2 weeks in, so here goes.
Weeks 3-4, same MD6, T2 protocol. Add 1 serving MAG-10 per day.
Weeks 5-6, same MD6 protocol, switch to T2-Pro, Methoxy-7 2X day, Tribex 3 caps 2X day, M per label recommendations
Weeks 7-8, T2-Pro max dose, MAG-10 1x day
Weeks 9-10, MD6 max dose, back to T2 or stick with T2-Pro max dose, Methoxy-7 2X day, Tribex 3 caps 2X day, M per label recommendations
Week 11 - take a break off everything training, diet, supplements and enjoy the leanness.
If you make it this far, let us know and we’ll give you some more advice. But I think that 9 weeks from now is long enough for you to focus on.

Thanks Jason! I appreciate the advice. I WILL make it. I have one more question, would you suggest the GH/lactic acid training during my two weeks of cutting time? Hope it was not a stupid ?

I need more information about your training to really give advice. I was assuming that you would be using a slightly hypocaloric diet coupled with a solid training program. It sounds like you’re interested in Meltdown training and I think that type of work would be very effective in your case. What have you been doing for your training? What is your diet like? If you provide this information, I can help you much more. Also, please clarify your goal. If your goal is to get ripped you are going to have to cut for longer than 2 weeks. To get ripped (body fat around 8%) you are going to have to drop 36lbs of fat and hold on to most of your mass. You have the right supplements, but I need more information to really help you out.

Jason, I have been doing the following routine for about 4 weeks.
Monday - quad work - 20 minutes cardio
Tuesday - Back/chest - 20 minutes cardio
Wednesday 30 - 50 minutes cardio
Thursday - hamstrings/calves - 20 minutes cardio
Friday - Biceps/triceps - 20 minutes cardio
Saturday - 30 - 40 minutes of cardio
Go gentle on me here, I am still learning. Also a little background. I did do BFL 5 times,using the actual program 3 times and modifying to the above twice. I lost over 70 lbs and 18% bodyfat, however, That is not GOOD ENOUGH. I have put about 20 lbs back on and don’t want to go down that road again! When I cut the cardio way down is when I saw the best progress so I don’t know why I have gone back to the 6 days a week of cardio? I appreciate your willingness to help!

Ok, there are a ton of places to begin, but I’m going to try to help. You have my supplement protocol in the first reply, so here goes with diet and exercise. First off, I’ll attack the diet.
Weeks 3-4, John Berardi’s “Almost” Don’t Diet (Growth Surge Stage 1) with a breakdown 35%P,50%C,15%F. When you calculate your maintenance calories keep that number in your head and then take 85% of that(just like Don’t Diet recommendations). You can eat in this range of calories. So if you calculate that maintenance is 3000calories, that is your high end on any given day, and 85% of that (2550) is your low end. You want slightly higher calories, protein and carbs while on MAG-10.

Weeks 5-6, John Berardi’s Don’t Diet (this time you eat at 85% of maintenance every day) with a isocaloric breakdown 33%P,33%C,33%F (Don’t worry about being dead on with 33%, but each macro should be about 30-40% of your calories on any given day).

Weeks 7-8, diet same as weeks 3-4.

Weeks 9-10, diet same as weeks 5-6. It is vital that you eat clean during this process. Base you food selections on what you read in the Foods that make you look good nekid article in the previous issues. If you need a free day (which is ok) take a weekend day during the MAG-10 weeks.

For training, it is going to be a little different.

Weeks 3-4: Use Meltdown Training. Lift on M,T,Th,F and do the jump rope lactic acid interval training as stated on the off day W,Sa,Su. Feel free to do light cardio (10-15 min, intensity level 5-6) to warm up for the lifting and the lactic acid interval training

Weeks 5-6: Use something very similar to your current program. M-Quad/Calves/Abs, T-Horizontal Push/Pull/Bis exercises, Th-Hams/Calves/Abs, F-Vertical Push/Pull/Tris. If you are unfamiliar with vertical and horizontal push/pull breakdown look into Ian Kings Stage 2 of the 12 Weeks to Super Strength Series. Feel free to do light cardio (10-15 min, intensity level 5-6) to warm up for the lifting and you can do around 20-40 minutes of moderate to high intensity cardio on 2 out of 3 off days.

Weeks 7-8: same as weeks 3-4.

Weeks 9-10: same as weeks 5-6.

Good luck and keep us posted on your results.

Thanks a ton, I will let you know how I do!