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Loaded- Cy or JB???

What do you guys think of Loaded by S.A.N.?

The product contains [per 2 caps]
Guanidinopropionic acid 250mg
100mg ALA
100mg R-ALA
100mg 3-0-methyl-chirionositol
10mg Vanidul sulfate

I have been using this product for a little over a month and I love it.
I feel it helps me handle carbs where as before I did not eat many carbs
[50-100 per day]at all because they tend to fatten me up. Lately I’ve been eating more like 120-200 carbs a day and still getting leaner with no cardio.
I got a bottle of this off of bodybuilding.com for like 18 bucks.

Has anyone else tried this product?
What do you guys think of the ingridients? Maybe someone like Cy or JB could step in on this.

While ALA is definitely effective, you’re wasting your money on anything with vanadyl sulfate. Check out Doug Kalman’s column in this week’s issue for more on that.

SAN is supposed to be a pretty good company. I wouldn’t pay what it costs for that product. Too pricey for what you get out of it.

Take a look at the Atkins Blood Sugar product.


It has a better form of vanadium in it (Oxovanadium). I think that this taken with R-ALA and GLA 15 min before a meal (3-4 tops, don’t want to over do it with the Zinc) would work very well.

Thanks for the feedback.
Do you guys think R-ALA by itself is more effective?
I realize the vandul is crappy but it still has a great mixture of ingridients.
I don’t think this product is pricy at all. 120 caps for 18 bucks aint bad at all.

Any other thoughts on this product and is Biotest going to make something similar?

In regards to your “great mixture of ingredients” statement, consider this:

Pinnacle’s Insulene is a product that contains several ingredients that has proven effective on their own. However, in response to a question about his report on the product in Issue 183, here’s a quote from Doug Kalman on the forum:

“The research on Insulene presented at the 4th Annual Conference of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists DID not find any insulin or glucose modifying effects of Insulene. It did alter lipids though. So, my statement made way back then is on the only published direct study of the product, whereas Brock et al talk about the potential of the product and the individual ingredients. However, 1+1 does not always equal 3 - meaning that synergy does not always occur.”

In other words, always be skeptical.