Loaded Carry Workout


Im currently using ypur bodyweight apocalypse programs while in a deficit.

I warm up using single arm carries mixed with some bodyweight movements and band work and just wondered if it Would it be a bad idea to add in some loaded carries (farmers walks and sled drags)at the end for 1-2mins per set without negatively affecting the workout either at the end of the workout or on off days .

Thankyou in advance

It’s less bad to add it at the end of your workouts than on the rest days, especially when you are in a deficit.

Conditioning work actually creates more central fatigue than lifting exercises and more importantly the central fatigue from the conditioning work can last more than a day whereas central fatigue from lifting normally subsides fairly fast.

Central fatigue is NOT about feeling tired. You could feel fantastic and still have central fatigue.

Central fatigue refers to a reduced neural drive to the muscles, making it a lot harder to recruit the high threshold motor units even during heavy, explosive or to failure work.

This will make your resistance training a lot less effective at stimulating muscle growth.

By doing it at the end of your workout you are still increasing central fatigue, but it doesn’t matter since yu’ve already done the stimulating work and the rest day will allow you to get rid of the central fatigue.