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Loaded Carries


Not sure if this is the right place to post, but figure there's a few here that will know. If training three days aweek ala the big three, would you do loaded carries (farmers walk, sand bag carry, etc) after the w training or different days? Reason for wanting to do them is they are awesome and everyone should do carries.


I've ran hills with a 50# ruck on my back, chest rig with and an AR 15. Also ran said hill wearing all that and my girl tossed over my shoulder. THAT was a bitch.lol

yeah man, I've ran hills with a sandbag, pushed / pulled a sled, loaded carries. Thing is, depending on your goals with the "big 3" you'll have to play with the intensity and volume of those activities because they will mess with your lifting numbers. I did mine after the weights to keep stuff fun and to break the monotony of lifting. I need the off days for recovery too. I'm in the "if you work hard enough on training days, you'll not need or want to do stuff on "off days".

there's really no set answer to lifting. Unless you have a meet coming up, play with things. See what work for you and most of all have FUN.


When I was training for my last strongman comp, I put farmers on my upperbody days (either press or bench). I just swapped out what would have been my back work for that day. You can always have an events day as well. There's no real wrong way to program them, as long as you keep progressing.


I also find farmer's walks better on upper-body days. I find pre-fatiguing the hands via deadlifts makes it harder for me to get the full cardiovascular benefit of doing loaded carries, since I'll always lose grip before I become fatigued.


I used straps to circumvent this. Helped quite a bit.


I do them after press day often, sort of an extra pull movement after pressing and as it gets colder I'll do more lite carries to get the blood flowing and the joints warmed up.

For some reason I keep tire flipping after deads, I guess for that extra hurt.