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Loaded Carries


Loaded Carries with deadsquat and/or farmers walk instruments

@CT, is the muscle recruitment any different between the two and is one more beneficial in terms of muscle mass and performance than the other (ie. more core stability with famers walk)?


The main difference I see is that with farmer's walk implements most people tend to rapidly lose their proper posture whereas with the Dead-Squat bar you more easily maintain it. Furthermore with the farmer's walk implement, there is a lot more technique involved (even though it only looks like you are walking with stuff in your hands), from seeing many top strongmen train on it, if proper technique is not used (even going up to the angle of the implements) performance suffers.

The Dead-Squat is a lot easier technically so you can better focus on loading the muscles.


I'll just keep saving for the dead squat more options. Cheers.