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Loaded Carries Workout?

CT or anyone who may have done it, how would you program and training day with just loaded carries?

I train 4x a week push/pull and want to replace conventional cardio with loaded carries 2x a week.

I would prefer to just do farmers walk loaded carries focusing on strength and Hypertrophy.

I would think you’d program them similar to prowler workouts. You’d do 6-10 40 yard carries, that vary based on the weight you are using.

Careful. You can’t just replace cardio with loaded carries… loaded carries are a strength movement which does tax the muscles and nervous system, cardio does not.

While I’m all for using loaded carries as your cardio, you must but careful adding it at first. The prowler is less of a problem as it is less neurologically demanding than carries and you can use a moderate load that doesn’t tax the muscles too much. Harder to do with carries while still being effective.

Would it be better to keep distances/time longer?

How many sets in your experience would have max benefit without hurting training?