Loaded Carries Workout

Hey Coach,

I want to ask if its possible to have a workout that is focused around the loaded carries. Example would be the thing I did the other day : I did farmer carry with a trap bar for 4 sets with 45 sec work/rest after that i did a zetcher carry with a fat bar with the same scheme as the previous carry and finished with 4 sets overhead carry with a snatch grip same as the other two carries. After that workout I felt super good and energiezed. So my question is wheather this would be a good workout to do 1-2 times a week. Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays. :slight_smile:

Yes, carries can be their own workout. The duration you did was more for hypertrophy, you can also do it for strength using sets lasting less than 15 seconds or for fat loss by doing longer.

You can also use different durations for the 3 carries in a session. You can recover more easily from carries than from heavy lifting because of the lack of eccentric. They still are demanding but 1-2 times a week should be fine

Thank you for your time. I will try them out using different durations next workout. Oh and are 4 sets per carry enough ?

4 work sets is a lot, so yeah , it will be enough