Loaded Carries: The Pew-Pew Variation

I’m new to practical/tactical shooting, basically moving and shooting multiple targets. So, lots to work on here. Still getting the most efficient draw down (new holster, new gun, first time using them). Way too much unnecessary arm swing on that first shot. Working on economy of movement.

This is a video of me getting two certifications for the range: Beyond the Line (to earn the privilege of going past the line at the range for more practical scenarios) and Drawing From a Holster: required by my range so people don’t shoot themselves in the foot.

If you’re on Instagram, check out my instructor at “Army38B” - he’s worth a follow.

Anyone else want to post some practice vids? What are you working on?


Key is acquiring target then move barrel to it. Shoot on 2 points of contact. Squat slightly. Hips on a turret. Moving forward heel to toe. Backwards toe to heel.

Try point shooting inside 21 feet or so

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Great tips! Learning a new skill like this reminds of a newbie learning to do an Olympic lift or even a deadlift. Lots of cues in your head at the same time. The key is repetition until it’s all ingrained and you don’t think about the cues anymore.


Like any other technique driven thing.

Keep at it buddy. Once you become fairly proficient its really fun. Keep upping your expectations too.

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