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Loaded Carries Superset Options?

Hey there. Read in an older post about super setting loaded carries with another lift for added hypertrophy. it’s time to start blasting the traps. what sort of your lifts have you done this with? farmer walks with say plate raises or y raises. zercher carries with face pull’s or chin up’s

There is this angled bench at my gym where you can lay on your chest and do rows. I do five sets of rows each at a different angle and it’s helped my traps a lot.

Any traps exercise really. I’d do the traps exercise first, for maximum pump (hold peak contraction 2 sec on each rep, fairly high reps, rest/pause or drops sets)… then do the farmer’s walk which will stretch the traps under load while they are maximally pumped

I actually really like barbell shrugs where you lean forward just a tad. for me personally it helps me feel a better contraction in my traps. Use straps so your grip isn’t fried by the time you move to carries