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Loaded Carries/Mass Gain Question (Feet Related)

Hi CT and everyone else. I am just curious if anyone else has developed pain in both their feet from either putting on more mass or when doing heavy loaded carries? I think I might be developing flat feet from doing them once a week, but can’t say for sure (which is why I am open to the possibility it could be mass gain putting constant pressure on them every day). Are there certain shoes that are good/bad for loaded carries? Is going barefoot a bad idea when doing loaded carries? Should I be doing certain foot strengthening/flexibility exercises to counter the negatives (if there are any) of walking with heavy weight? Thanks in advance for any responses.

Are you carrying 500+ lbs weekly or do you weigh 275+?

I wish! No, I’m a pretty small dude, 5’7, size 10 1/2 shoe and have weighed about 170-180lbs most of my adult life. I got into lifting weights very late in life (29 years old…I’m 37 now), but have always been physically active my whole life with sports.

I do loaded carries mainly for the purpose of grip training and I don’t have the real Farmers Walk Handles, I use 2 loading pins and attach either D-handles, Towels, Rolling Thunders or Elitefts Grenades to walk with. I also have those “Swing Set Straps” Spud Inc sells, but don’t do that as often and I have never gone beyond double my body weight.

Now weigh 190-195lbs range and the pain in both feet I believe started when I reached that bodyweight. It hurts the most after loaded carries and I think my feet might be slowly changing (losing arches, bone above the pinky toes never had that feeling before, I believe they call it a “bunionette”?). I was just curious if others have had this kind of problem and know ways of fixing it or if I’m a uncommon case.

For what’s worth, I hold 300-600 lbs and walk multiple times a week, often multiple times a day between work and training. The only thing that brings my feet real discomfort is shoes with poor support on concrete for too long. However, an anecdote doesn’t invalidate another anecdote.

I’ve had this issue and found great relief by pulling out my insoles and adding Superfeet Green. The additional arch support and cushioning helps especially with shoes that have had their midsole worn with use but aren’t quite ready to be relegated to gardening work.