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Loaded Ab Exercises

Coach could you recommend some loaded abdominal exercises that you like to use yourself or with clients?

I’m really boring when it comes to abs work. I do various forms of cable crunches. Seated at the lat pulldown machine (back turned to the machine), Seated on a bench with the pulley in front of me, kneeling, standing. That and loaded carries is pretty much all I use. Sometimes serratus crunches.


I thought you post was on topic. I was going to ask about Zercher carries. Also my “secret” core exercise is kneeling Zerchers. I’ve used 100-140 pound sandbags but also slip a squat pad and a long piece of 4” pvc tube over a bar to put more torque on the core.

It’s great for boosting my squat and dead, but I was looking for some direct flexion options to go with a “bracing” exercise.

Coach, do you still recommend using overload exercises such as Zercher Holds and Overhead Supports?

Sorry mate, i didn’t want it to look like i was hijacking your thread. I use Zercher Holds and they absolutely kill my midsection. Will have to give the Kneeling Zerchers a try sometime.