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Load slection in Limping Series Part III?

Maybe someone who has done the Limping Series from Ian King can help me out here:

I am writing up my plan for the quad dominant day of part three. Opting for the “explosive” version would have me do explosive squats “With the weight of my first set of five” in the first exercise (regular squat).

Next would be Jump squats:
“Reduce the weight to about the load of the first work set”.

Asuming a 5RM 100% at 100 kg I would do the following:


(Quarter squats not important for this discussion.)
Then: Explosive squat: 1x4-8@???.Jump squat 1x6-10@???

I expect that the weight for the explosive squats should be higher that that of the jump squats, but that doesn’t follow from Ian’s description. Anyone? Thanks.