Lo-Carb Metabolic Drive and Surge Recovery Q

Had a quick questioning im hoping one or some of you knowledgeable gym rats could answer for me. Im two years into college and haven’t truely worked out hard and been in a normal routine since highschool. I’m recently getting back into and am trying to learn as much as possible when it comes to being healthy and doing my body good.

My football coach in high school had me taking MD as a pre-workout supplement and Surge as a post-workout supplement. I just want to verify that this is the way to go about it or if there are other times I should be taking one if I got it backwards, mixed around, or just flat out completely wrong. Trying to rake in as much info that I can about the two products and lots of feedback would be awesome!

Happy Lifting.

Whoa, sounds like you had a pretty decent coach if those products were his recommendations.

Rather than a pre-workout shake, though, Metabolic Drive is better suited as your meal-time protein supplement. It’s a blend of proteins for a more stable rate of digestion.

You’re right about Surge Recovery. It’s a quick-digesting supplement best used after lifting. When I used Surge Recovery (I use Anaconda now), I would have half of my serving right before and then the other half after (or even sipped during).

Hope this helps!

Yep, like SBT said, Metabolic Drive isn’t actually the best bet pre-workout. It’s better than nothing, but it’s specifically designed to be digested slowly and pre-workout you want something that gets into your system ASAP. Metabolic Drive would work better either between meals or right before bed.

Surge Recovery, on the other hand, is exactly meant to have around your workout because it’s made with fast-acting carbs and a different kind of protein. I also used to have it a little before and during training.