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LMFAO - Overeem Gene Splicing (Apparently)


I Don't know if any of you watch Joe Rogan's podcast, I do from time to time, and one of his most recent guests was Tim Feriss, of the 4 hour work week and the the 4 hour body fame.

Putting aside my negative opinions on his work, he seems like a very intelligent and very knowledgeable guy, and part way into the podcast he and Rogan got to talking about the forefront of science, specifically in the performance enhancing department.

Tim Feriss mentions that he as a friend who is a MMA fighter (of who he won't name) who went to china for interlukin-6 gene therapy/manipulation and gained 40 lbs of muscle in one month as a result. I knew there was no way this comment wasn't going to cause a lot of speculation or attempts to find out who the fighter in question was, but this made me laugh my ass off:


bro, it's so obviously overeem bro, can't you see how big he is and how he gassed so hard!?!?


Hahah, won't that be a nice story.
Alas it doesn't add up. Reem didn't gain that much weight that quickly. He used to cut to 203lbs from 220 or so. I'm going to guess he walked around at 225 or 230 (he's taller and about as wide as Jon Jones who walks around at 230-235). So it's more like 20lbs of muscle within the first year, which is plausible since he was pretty skinny. The 10 extra lbs I believe came later, but my facts on his weight are a little muddled on this.

A normal cycle or three of test will net you results like that last I checked. Gene therapy is a stretch lol.

Let's see... I don't think it's a well known guy, but off the top of my head... Alves? nah. Tibau? err...


Yeah AAS is entirely a possibility with overeem, but it cracks me up that there are fans of the game who think that AO actually slabbed on that mass in the space of a month and just SOMEHOW no one noticed the skinny tall kid that became a monster overnight.


Most MMA fans are idiots lol. Even the UG, which is vastly superior in quality to Shershit is rife with retardation, particularly on the subjects of muscle gain, weight-training, and PEDs. It's almost like the forum's collective IQ plummets the second they start talking about S&C.

I can see why the average fan would think that though. Reem was off the map for close to a year. He turned up to rape James Thompson in SF and 'disappeared' to fight in Japan. The average fan MAY watch SF at times, but the bulk of them follow the UFC exclusively.


if even T-Nation is full of retards about muscle gain, weight-training and PED, UG and sherdog wouldn't be any better.

I heard the podcast and it didn't even cross my mind about Overeem, i thought it was just a random dude. Besides, Bas Rutten talked about it once, Strikeforce didn't have any HW available for Overeem to fight at that "1 year he spent way", what he was gonna do? fight Buentello over and over?


I want some interlukin-6!


Yeah sign me up for that shit ha ha

I have doubts about the legitimacy of Feriss's story however. The dude says a lot of shit that's not necessarily wrong or untrue, but errs on the edge of disbelief or leaves out factors of information that would be the whole truth. Kind of reminds me of Charles Poliquin in that way.


Maybe Overeem got workout tips from that guy from LMFAO with the Jewfro.

I'm so sorry.


I like Ferriss stories, what about Poliquin?


Yes, yes you are.

What the fuck did I just watch?


Robert A


I kmow what you mean,I saw 2:38 of this somewhere else and was ready to barf the sperm getting into my stomach.


Stuff like he could make a guy gain 28lbs of muscle in as many days

Dropping 3% bodyfat via intravenous vitamin c etc

some other crazy shit that I'd say he just pops in every now and then to generate attention



i think i'm going to start injecting orange juice in my blood.


Let us know how that goes.... if you can that is :smiley:


Oh god, why did I watch that