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LMAO Old Stan McQuay


dude's up his ass farther than half the newbies try to get up prof x.




Holy fuck that guy in the red beater was such a tool. I had to close the link.




That was incredibly annoying.


curling... in the squat rack.


lol, so i guess all the pros do squat-rack curls :stuck_out_tongue:


I kept waiting for them to make out but it never happened :frowning:




"Hey Josh, get the fuck outta here, I'm busy!"


1) the guy in the red wanted to suck off Stan.. thats a given.
2) WTF kinda of split was stan doing? Was it his Legs, Shoulders and arms day?

Maybe if it was sunny outside that guy would've stfu...


He was hardly using any weight. It may have been the photoshoot split?


pretty much how im guessing every gay porno starts




That had "Gay" written all over it




Wow! Remember when everyone was wondering where Stan McQuay had disappeared to?

Somehow I think it was better when we didn't know still.


Hahaha... total gheytrocity.

Although really, it's just like any other 90's interview. Totally RAD and IN YO FACE!


That video reminds me of the first 30 seconds of this one:


Josh reminded me of this guy I used to work with. He could talk a starving dog off the back of a meat truck. You would walk away and he would keep pulling at you to keep talking.