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LMAO, Fattie Got What He Deserved




I laughed my ass off, but was a little let down that it was a commercial and probably wasn't a real clip... what kind of security camera records sound?


He's not the first-



I have to ask...are you from the not too distant past? ...maybe 1996ish...because you are the last man on earth who still writes LOL and LMAO after everything you think is funny.

I'm thinking you were sitting at your IBM one night, surfing the Compuserve chat rooms and some kind of lightning struck you and you ended up in 2006.


hey, I'm still using my Commodore 64


that good enough for ya

I use them a lot because this board doesn't have any smilies.





yeah, I'm a smartass






WTF? Not even tryin' to figure that one out.


who photocopies their ass anymore? That was so last year.

Copying one's junk is the new thing to do.


Sometimes the door is heavy and springloaded to begin with, and then with all the distractions and hurriedness it can slip...


Man, I dont even know what HMC911 is.


fuck you and the horse you rode in on! love it, that was easy, but the other one HMC911? Got me!


Help me call 911......previous part was laughing so hard, having stroke...


Thats a video I don't wish to see.


Impressive, if the weight of that breaks the glass.


Fuck you and the horse you rode in on..?