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LLT to 4th Gen Camaro


Fou car guys, maybe you can help me.

I wanna put the newer 3.6L LLT into my 98' Camaro instead of the 3800 I have now. I'd prefer this to a V8 so I don't have to use the more expensive gas as well as the heavy gas consumption, but I'll still get 300hp and I think 275ft lb of torque.

Now, I've looked on Google but I can't really find much on it. Maybe somebody here would know something about it, or at least point me in the right direction.


You don't have to use more expensive gas. I had an LT1 that called for higher octane, but it did fine with 87.

My advice would be to check out a 4th Gen message board, like Ls1.com or the likes

I'm not familiar with the LLT motor though, what does it come from?


Ah, I'm not very experienced with cars, so thanks for the input.

The LLT is in the new 2010 Camaro and I believe the Cadillac STS, but don't quote me on that one.