LL's Bad Ass Blog

Hope everyone checks out Lonnie Lowery’s latest web log entry titled “Not convenient? GOOD.”

He really applied hammer to nail in this one.

Great Bog!!!

The LL man speaks da truth, brothers. But then Chris, your latest blog also hits the nail on the head. Fact is, I quite like the fact that people think a low carb diet means eating tons of bacon and cheese, and remaining fat fucks. People wanted Atkins to head in that direction. It justifies their apalling dietary choices. And I like it that most people ‘Don’t have the time’ to get to the gym. Yeah, right, I’m not busy either. People are weak. I am one of the strong. I like it that way.

Both your’s and LL’s blog entries were superb this week/day/whatever.

With apologies to TC, one of the absolute best things about this new site is the fact that it has given voice to yourself Shugs, and Lonnie. Now there’s three times the amount to read.

Keep up the great work.

Love LL’s web log! Always insiteful!