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LL Prime Time Thursday


Okay, I'm in the (electronic) house for questions and discussion tonight.

Any sports nutrition inquiries, concerns, ideas, etc.?


No comments yet? Okay. Here come Words of Wisdom (that are not mine per se):

"Worry is imagination misused."

(From a recent PM to a fellow T-Nation poster.)

Believe it or not there may be nutritional relationships to/ from anxiety, so read up on relaxation or meditation.


Lonnie, what new/cool foods and recipes have you been using lately?

 Do all fats turn to trans-fats when heated?


Dr. Lowery,

Have you ever encountered anyone who reacted badly to increasing levels of protein in the diet? Every time I try to bring my diet under control (more protein, less white/fluff carbs, more fuits and veggies) my body flips out. I get a terrible headache, feels like my head is in a vice. My sinuses act up and I just, in general, feel like ass.

Is this some sort of adjustment my body is going through? Do I just need to suck it up and deal with it for a few days and it will be better on the other side?

Any help.



Gotta say, I love your triscuit + tuna combo. I've been gnawing on that at my lunch break for awhile now. Great suggestion


No. Trans fatty acids are generally formed with a special catalyst and/or via commercial cooking methods that aren't generally available to home consumers.

This is why many nutritionists say that "you can't do as much damage at home as you can with fast food." There is some truth to this.


So is your screen name a Van Halen reference? If so, niice.

I'll list a few menu items from the past few days. Here's one...

Meat jumble: Fake crab meat sauteed in olive and canola oil with cocktail shrimp (on sale) and chicken breast chunks with garlic, diced onions and just a bit of bread crumbs (pamesan works too and parsley adds appetizing color). The chicken needs fried ("pan seared") first so the fake crab doesn't stick to the pan. This little jumble of meats is very versatile and is a nice change of pace. It can go into a low-carb tortilla or a salad or put on triscuit-type crackers earlier in the day for a snack.

Interestingly, artificial crab has about twice as many carbs as protein... but not enough to be a big concern in this line up.


Hi Lonnie I have a questioned about tailoring or modifying your diet based on the seasons. This may sound odd, but could there be a possibility that during hotter months such as summer and late spring one might need more carbs regardless of weither or not there bulking or cutting or whatever. Wouldnt someone burn more calories and prehabs more glycogen doing the same amount of activity during warmer months as compared to cooler months.

I dried my carbs in late fall and then again about two months ago and it just seems like i need alittle more in order to keep energy up and to prevent to much muscle loss.


I Love Van Halen. Eddie is the man

[quote]Lonnie Lowery wrote:
So is your screen name a Van Halen reference? If so, niice.


I wouldn't just try to "suck it up" and forcibly tolerate any symptom. Checking with a physician about any symptom is a safe bet.

Different types of protein foods cause allergic reactions in some persons. For persons with repeatedly similar reactions to foods, it's worth talking to a dietitian who can arrange an "elimination" type of diet and help the client/patient narrow down the culprit food.

Of course, it's also possible that persons who ditch the "white stuff" (processed carbs) and replace them with filling proteins, whole grains, veggies, etc. may be getting fewer overall carbs (a muscle's primary energy source)... and a diet log could help point out this possible cause of fatigue.


Ain't talkin' 'bout love...

Uh, sorry... back to the questions...

brotzfrog10: good point. You know, here in the Midwest, not only is the weather more clement but it stays daylight until almost 10:00 PM! Physical activity is way up. Stored carbs are the fuel for such activity, particularly above a panting pace.

Come late Fall/ Wnter, it's dark around 4:30 PM and it's one more reason (along with ongoing freezing rain) why cities like Cleveland are some of the fattest in the nation. It's so eay to gety into "couch mode" when your pineal gland is telling you the day is done!


Oh, and I didn't even go off the deep end about how exercise in the heat increases muscle glycogen (stored carb) breakdown!

I've been purposefully eating more carbs too, particularly before/ during activity... and not just gym time per se.


Cool. You know, I've gotten into that tuna-LF Triscuit habit lately too. And I wasn't eating much tuna for a couple months prior to July. Isn't it interesting how dietary habits form...


So is this why people find it easier to lose weight in the summer than any other time during the year...at least thats the case with me.


Well, Jake, it's mostly the increased overall physical activity throughout the longer, nicer days that helps the fat loss. The total number of kcal expended during a given workout don't change much in the heat (just the proportion coming from muscle glycogen). But you're on the right track in observing that warm weather activities add up. This is one reason I tend to harp on "non-exercise physical activity" or NEPA. It's worth keeping an eye on non-gym exertion, eh?


Okay, my Prime Time colleagues, it's getting close to bed time for my rated PG butt, so here's a last thought:

Another recent fast snack of mine...

Chick pea (garbanzo bean) salad/ dip:
garbanzo beans (rinsed from a can), lemon juice, a little water and olive oil, diced onions, parsely, diced tomatoes (add diced cucumbers if you like them). No cooking required. It can be eaten straight, on whole wheat pita bread triangles, or if it's time to lower carbs on a relaxing evening, on sliced large mushrooms, cucumber slices (again if you like 'em, I just can't get into them despite their nutrient value), low-carb tortilla, etc.

After eating humus pretty regularly, I find this a nice change of pace. And it's yet another way to get-in veggies and beans in a tasty way.

(Although beans have carbs, a lot of it is fiber and they have a way-low glycemic index, making them resonable even at low-carb times.)