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I’m here for discussion and as usual, if I get none, I’ll start spewing more wit and wisdom. Beware!

When in your opinion, do you think the best times to take Surge are: Before, during, after, 1 hour after?

Any interesting new studies? Or perhaps you will have a new article soon?

Ahhhaaa this is something I have wondered. Cooking with a formen or grilling… The " barbeque flakes or cook-off stuff " is that bad? What is it? I call it the “crusties.” LOL

-Get Lifted

The timing of one’s carb intake depends on his goals and exercise type.

Timing of protein is easier: pre-, mid-, post-lifting.

[quote]tuffloud wrote:
When in your opinion, do you think the best times to take Surge are: Before, during, after, 1 hour after?[/quote]

If my goal is to gain muscle mass and I am using mostly free weights with reps ranging from 3-10.

Hi LL,

I remember in the past you said you used to like having a carrot-juice-protein cocktail before/after your workout. Has this changed / been replaced with more modern nutrition or does it still stand ?


Quality pre-workout feedings are probably best, if I had to choose only one time to do it. Of course, simple fluids with carbs during a session are so cheap, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t bolster his peri-workout nutrition in this manner as well. Post workout meals can vary widely since a good hard session opens a fairly long window of opportunity.

Hey Lonnie,

How did you become interested in your field? Also, what does your research entail? Thanks.


Actually, I don’t remember that. (Age and too many facts clouding my memories.)

I do think that adding a quality protein like Grow! to a V-8 type of sugary drink would be a cool way to get-in antioxidant nutrition and phytochemicals with the peri-workout protein and carbs.

What is your favorite multvitamin/mineral for active weightlifters?

Get Lifted,
Today I am finishing an article on yo-yo dieting that surprised even me a bit. I’ll submit it to TC with crossed fingers tomorrow. Lots of tips on “re-feeding” after a period of kcal restriction!

And Part II of Inflammatory Comments is already in the hands of the slave driv… er, I mean editors. It may well have more references than any popular/ lay article I’ve ever written!

Regarding BB-Q flakes, if it’s blackened meat cooked over a flame it’s carcinogenic. I wouldn’t eat that too often. If we’re talking greasy crunchy breading tidbits, those are fat-soaked carbs and, however tasty, probably aren’t something I’d go nuts on, either.

As an undergraduate student (four or five degrees ago), I was a trainer in a small “Ma and Pa” gym. I always got more questions regarding nutrition than actual training, so I went ever-further in that direction.

You know, come to think of it, this seems odd since most interest here on T-Nation tends to lean toward training programs.

My own research interests deal with recovery from eccentric exercise, overtraining, and nutritional interventions to support hard-training athletes in this way. Nutrient partitioning/ body composition alterations and dietary lipids are long time interests, too.

I’m not actively performing any research at present but rather am focusing my efforts on athletes directly. These projects may generate data that someday get analyzed (thus becoming “research”) but for now, I’m out to educate and boost health/ performance.

I’m partial to wholesale club “silver” type (iron-free) multi-vites/mins.

I bolster these a few days each week with a Walmart antioxidant blend that’s low-dose, just the way I like it. (200 IU vitamin E, 250mg C, some antiox minerals).

Howdy Mr. Lowery, and thanks for taking time to answer some questions. I have a question about my current routine. Day 1, I do 4-5 sets of heavy deads. Day 2, 10 sets of clean & press. Day 3, squats. I am a seasoned lifter of 13 yrs. I realize this current routine recruits a lot of lower back a lot of the time. I also want to include some good mornings into the mix, but I am afraid I am over taxing my back. What would you suggest for hams considering I have no ham machines where I train?

Although it does stimulate the lower back, I personally love doing stiff legged deadlifts with dumbbells. I do them after my squats. The position of the weight (in the hands at mid-thigh height) is less stressful on the back overall and just “touching the toes” with 80’s in each hand really rocks the hams!

(In fact, I think exercising a muscle in the stretched position cautiously is great for hypertrophy. Oh the soreness! Stiff legged deads, “hit heads” to a point above the head while on a slight incline, cross bench pullovers, flyes for the pecs, etc… you get the idea. I’m not sure how the rest of this applies to you but I’m on a roll.)

Dr. Lonnie Lowery,

What is the upper limit for fish oil capsules/ flax oil capsules?

I have seen numbers over 18 a day.

Although many on this site are of the opinion that fish oil pills are safe and mercury free, I am hesitant to give them to a pregnant friend of mine. I’m thinking of flaxseed oil instead. What are your thoughts on prenatal nutrition, going past just EPA/DHA. Would there be any macro profile that could be potentially harmful? In other words, how does prenatal nutrition differ from a nonpregnant healthy person, beside the fact that they need 500 or so more calories?

I should point out for other readers (I see that you have plenty of experience) that it takes much practice to target the hamstrings while keeping the lumbar muscles out of it. Head up, chest out and yes, legs locked with the hips drifting back slightly to counterbalance the descending dumbells always worked for me!

Hey Doc.!

Me again here

As per your recommendations, I purchased the book by McArdle

Is there though any section you would warn me about? I mean such as the studies in that section are a bit outdated/done improperly etc.?

Thanks a million!

[quote]Lonnie Lowery wrote:

I’m partial to wholesale club “silver” type (iron-free) multi-vites/mins.

Do we get too much iron in our normal diets?