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LL Cool J, W/O Rubbish

LL Cool J actually says some wise words about motivation, dedication, and even drops in Berardi’s comment about being right 90% of the time. But then, the workout is ridiculous.


Link didn’t work for me had to search it, here’s the workout mentioned:
Whatever he does it seems to be working for him…

Your 1-month plan

Scooter’s chest/cardio circuit #1

Barbell bench press
2 10-?12*
Explosive pushup 2 10?12*
Jump rope 2 1 min at 70% of max heart rate

Scooter’s chest/cardio circuit #2
Barbell bench press 2 10?12*
Cable crossover 2 10
Treadmill run 2 1 min, incline 3, at 70% of MHR
Hanging running man 2 10?12*

Scooter’s biceps/cardio circuit
Standing barbell curl 3 4?6
Preacher curl 3 12?15
Mountain climber 3 1 min at 90% of MHR