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LL Cool J Doing Curls


Youtube video of LL Cool J curling the ladies on a show.

I guess that's why he calls himself ladies love.

The ladies were literally lining up to get curled... I didn't think he could do the red one.


He isnt using full ROM :wink: . ...the lady in red WTF! OMG she is screaming so much.


LL stands for
Lower Level, Lack Lustre
Last Least, Limp Lover
Lousy Lame, Latent Lethargic
Lazy Lemon, Little Logic
Lucky Leech, Liver Lipped
Laborious Louse on a Loser's Lips
Live in Limbo, Lyrical Lapse
Low Life with the loud raps, boy


How long did it take you to think of all those, lol

I wonder who's stronger: Ladies Love or 50 Cent. Both guys are pretty big


My sound is out, so I can't hear shit about what they're saying... but this is just further proof that women want a strong guy to throw them around in bed.


I took it from an old Kool Moe Dee song called "Let's Go" where he tears into LL Cool J.
Here's the video:


No decent upskirt shots, there's sort of one going at 0:37-0:38 but it's not worthy fap material. I swear the only reason women wear skirts is to keep men like me interested in the bollocks they are chatting about, works like a charm.