LL Bean Service Issue

I talk to this girl on teh phone at LL BEan because I bought this belt and she tole me I have it soon to put on my waist, but I been tracking it frou UPS and I afraid by the time it get here, my waist will be too small for it cause I’m on the Velocity Diet (except I eat 2 solid meals per week and don’t squat cause my kneeds don’t want to get hurt) so I’m tracking the belt, but I’m wondering from some of the stuff I heard about LL BEan is that they will take stuff back, so I want to send it back since I’m going to be skinny when it gets here and is there any ways I can do that through tracking the package?


if its only a small amount of waist shrinkage you can put new holes into the belt. But surely if you explained the situation they’d be happy to send another?