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LL Altered States 7-21-05


Hi all. I will make just one post tonight documenting my experiences with surgery, missed training, altered eating and random thoughts. The Nutrition Forum here is as good as anywhere, I suppose.


uh, I suppose this is more than a single post. (Blame my poor math on the pain killer.) Tonight my log will be brief. I'm posting it in the hopes that it might help others in similar situations.

After nearly two years of ankle instability (>6 sprains in this time frame), I finally opted for surgery. My gut reaction right now (~18 hours post-op) is irritation. It's clear that my physical activity will nose dive beyond just gym time. I have some upper body stitches contributing too. And I will no doubt return to PT (had 3 weeks of pre-hab), enduring more patronizing - I'll explain later. My diet will have to change in a big way, too and I have a plan that's related to both soft tissue healing and prevention of fat gain.

All I know at present is that I remain dizzy "medicated" and am debating the decision to replace this huge cast tomorrow (already). I feel like I'm hitting rock bottom as far as health and physique but it'll be for the best in the long run. Here are current standardized specifics:

Pain: 8/10; 3/10 with med
Mobility: 1/10
Appetite: 7/10
% Usual Food Intake: 70%
Motivation/ Energy: 2/10


No questions, just stopping by. Enjoy the Percocet ride. And heal up well!


Dr. L,

I'm sorry to hear about your current physical state. What adjustments are you going to make to your diet? Are you going to train at all (for example, do lots of ab work)?

Hang in there!


Ouch, sounds rough. Good luck with a full and speedy recovery.

Just out of curiosity, what meds did they put you on?


Good luck. And heal well.


Hang in there Lonnie and get well!!!-Julianne


Hey Lon, now i remember you telling me you were going to have this done. I'd suspend judgement for a few more weeks, you're still too close to it to realize the cost/benefit ratio.



I just want you to know that even if they have to amputate your entire leg, you're still the wind beneath my wings.

How's that for glass-is-half-full thinking? :slight_smile:


LonMan, hope you're feeling lots better now!