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Liz Cheney Ousted

Liz Cheney has been ousted from her Position in the House, to be replaced by a Trump Sycophant.

Kevin McCarthy is so far up Trump’s ass he can see his tonsils and taste his Big Macs.

You want to know why Cheney was really ousted? She undermined a key endeavor of the GOP: lying.

Long Live the “Grand Trump Party”! Your transformation is almost complete!

Welp, you pretty much covered my thoughts haha.

This only happened because their constituents pushed for it. Says a lot about a lot of people.

@Californiagrown…I’m glad you brought up constituents.

I am usually left with a “What do you want me to say?” when a Trump apologist says “Well! 70-plus million people voted for Trump!”.


Is that supposed to cancel out all of the lies and the “Big Lie” of a stolen 2020 election?

All of it is sickening and should be concerning to most Americans. Sadly, the GTP shit-show is not.

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I agree with your commentary but Liz still sucks!

I hope she manages to land on her feet.


Im interested to see what her plans are moving forward. In the first vote after the riots which she won in a landslide she actively politicked and worked the house to keep her position of power. This time, she apparently did none of that.

Could be that she was just sick of it and took a moral stand thinking “I shouldnt have to work so damn hard to convince anyone of such obvious truths for a second time”. Or, she has plans and will leverage her blackballing from the GOP party to give herself “outsider” or “straight hard truth” credibility as she trys to take down the GOP and what it has become.

Politics makes strange bed fellows. Liz Chaney and I would probably not on agree on the time of day but I totally agree with her stance on the big lie being pushed by the gop. She is the only true conservative in that party who has balls.

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Hi everybody.

As a favor to you all I conducted a fact check on this thread.

I found two facts. The first one was located in the title. Nice work.

I’m also confident that @FlatsFarmer’s hope is genuine and factual.

This concludes my fact check of this thread.


Cheney calls out FOX…while being interviewed on FOX…about their part in the “Big Lie”.

Good for her!

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What’s her stance on Torture?

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I don’t know enough about her policy votes to say yes or no to that (and I don’t live in Wyoming), but it’s entirely possible!

I just don’t like why she was ousted here.

This seems to be part of it. And obviously that tends to influence colleagues. But that doesn’t explain the pivot IMO. People actually saying “this isn’t about wrong or right, it’s about leading the conference” is just flat out cowardly bullshit, especially when her replacement embodies exactly the opposite.

I pretty much assume this about all political figures lol. Wheels within wheels.

Not the only, but vast minority. Romney and others have stuck firm regardless of their stances on other policy.

:astonished: WTF? Okay, Cheney is down with Nazi tactics. Who else?

You okay with use of this technique and language?

I don’t understand what you are asking, @strongmangoals

It’s okay, I’m just busting your balls. Big Lie is nazi propoganda. In a environment where people can identify an obscure Nazi reference from the way someone leans to one side, it’s not an accidental use of the phrase and I’m not sure we should be applauding the use of it. We’d be in a spot if people started distancing themselves from people employing the “Big Lie”


Ah! Thanks for pushing me to study a little further, @strongmangoals! I certainly wouldn’t want to remain an “ignorant fool”…

Even though it’s a term attributed to Hitler, it’s probably best described NOT as “Nazi Propaganda” but as a propaganda tool used by ANYONE to convince large masses of an untruth. In other words, “A Big Lie”.

This is exactly what Trump has done.

In my research, I found that there are numerous Conservative authors, politicians, commentators and the like whom have also used the term.

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This is not about Trump. This is about Liz Cheney undermining the Republican Party. Republican Party leaders want to move on from Trump and focus on the midterms. Liz Cheney is focusing on an issue that divides the party and allows the media to deflect from the actually terrible job that the Biden administration is doing.

She wasn’t removed after voting for impeachment or talking about this in January. She got removed because 4 months after it shouldn’t matter anymore, she can’t stop talking about it. Just strategically, Republicans should stop talking about Trump. Liz Cheney is the Democrats’ useful idiot that lets them keep talking about him.




“The Republican Leaders want to move on from Trump”? As they embrace him more and more with each passing day; and ostracize anyone who has or does oppose him???

I have to admit that I’m seriously at a loss as to how you came to that conclusion.

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The best part of that interview was when they told her Trump got more votes than she did in Wyoming.

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This is an interesting perspective, but they put a Trump acolyte in her place so IMO it doesn’t hold much water.

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