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Living With Kidney Stones

For those of you, who have unfortunately experienced, the excrutiantinly, like a slowly, twisitng knife in your flank,flank pain, you can relate to this tortorueous experience. It doesn’t get better once it’s getting ready to pass either. The misery continues, as though, jagged pieces of glass were trying to escape your penis. Both phases of having a stone and passing it, are truly hard to describe with words.

Women who have passsed kidney stone’s, have said, the pain is worse than labor pain. In addition, worse for a male, given their anatomical structure. I have a chronic history of kidney stone’s, and there seems to be no end in site.

The particular kidney stone’s that I pass, are composed of calcium oxalate, which, I beleive the majority of people pass this type of stone. My Urologist and Neprhologist. say that I’m just a kidney stone producing factory. Advice given, drink plenthy of water, which I have always done, since I experience my very first kidney stone at the age of 22. Also, My Urologist prescribed Urocit-K10, 1080mg tablet’s to be taken every day.

This is a potassium citrate tablet. I’m not too sure of it effectiveness, due to the fact that I currently have 6 stones bilateraly. I guess, I could have a lot more than 6, if I wasn’t taking those tablet’s. Last year, I had 3 lithotripsies done in a matter of approximately a 5 month period. I’ve passed so many, that I have lost count. There are a lot of question’s that I have concerning kidney stone’s.

Including, Does the type of water you consume make a difference? According to the Urologist’s I’ve asked, it doesn’t. However, I would greatly appreciate more professional opinion’s on the water debate. Also, Does the weather have any kind of role or impact, on a person who has kidney stone’s?

I live in Florida, so I know that due the heat and humidity, extra water consumpiton is important, especially when exercising outdoor’s. In addition, What role does working out, including running play in a person with this chronic condition? I had an ER doctor once tell me he has passed kidney stone’s before. He recommended running, and that would help the stone’s, move to the point of eventually passing. I read somewhere, that going up and down stairs would also accomplish this same thing. The reason for my conditon is mainly due to hereditary reason’s.

In creating this new thread, I pray and hope to get the expertise of those in the medical field and holistic field. The expertise and feedback of all of the T-Nation contributor’s. Also, the feedback and suggestion’s of all the T-Nation member’s, both male and female. I’m very interested in learning about new research that may be ongoing or out. I would llke to hear from people who have gone through, and continue to deal with the same condition as mine or similar one…

With Gratitude,


Not exactly an answer to your question, just a curiosity. Are there no anesthetics you can take while passing the stones?

I’ve had one and the impossible to describe pain, acurately describes the pain.

I can’t offer any advice either I’m afraid but I have wondered whether all the whey protein powder we take contributes to causing a stone?

Any thoughts anyone?

PS… I don’t drink instant coffee any more on the advice of a doctor, it causes stones.

Sounds like a shitty tendency to have. I take it that a daily intake of water at about a gallon doesn’t help?