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Living with 3 Girls Next Semester


I'm looking to move closer to campus next semester and i've found a legit cheap place. I've decided to move into a house with three other roommates. The three other roommates being women, what should I expect? I've never lived with women before.

  • Learn to take 2 minute showers.
  • Learn to keep your mouth shut when the time calls for it.
  • Learn to deflect rather than absorb the ummm unpleasantness
  • Toilet seat down, don't fight this. There's wars to be won and this is just a distraction battle
  • Their periods will synchronize to produce an unholy trinity of pain. Finding a job where you can travel once a month is your best bet, live in your car second, you probably won't survive if you just try and ride it out.
  • Learn to cook, goes a long way (see note below)

Good luck (btw this is the best way to get easy sex (never from the roommates, that's suicide, their friends) but first impressions last so be the good guy for 2-3 months otherwise you'll be branded and you'll only ever be given access to the total skanks instead of the rarer cuts)


So it's ok to have sex with them?


You should definitely try sleep with each of them. What could possibly go wrong?


The only thing worse than living with three girls you are not fucking is living with 3 girls when you are fucking or have fucked 1, 2, or all three of them. So keep that in mind.


Expect their menstrual cycles to synchronize...

I've never lived with women before in a residential setting, but I've managed like... ten women simultaneously on a work setting.

My advice is to treat them like people. Every woman is different, just like every man is different. You have to be a good listener.

Also... never ever hurt their feelings... Trust me on that one. Never ever hurt their feelings. Hopefully, you are socially adept enough to avoid hurting their feelings...

If you do hurt their feelings, well... I can't help you with that. Because I made that mistake once, and I got fucked in the ass.


Was this job in a prison?


I have a tendency to exaggerate.

I meant that metaphorically. lol


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I lived with two girls once. One was a lesbian and the other was hideous. It was the most fun period in my life, and I'm sure it was because there was no chance of me hooking up with them. They always had a ton of girls over and I hooked up with their friends without fear of jealous roommates. For once I was at parties where there were always more girls than guys. In fact many times we would have parties where I was the ONLY guy. Do NOT sleep with any of them and you will be a kid in a candy store.


At some point they will start a feud/protracted arguing and bitchiness do not take sides and stay out of it as much as you can.

Be prepared to be seen as the resident handy man.


If i'm the handy man then what are they?


Three happy bitches with a live in handy man.


So they'll be just using me? One of the girls did ask if I knew anything about cars and I told her somewhat and she replied, "great are cars break down a lot."


LOL Poor bugger is going to be eaten alive.


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really depends on what you are hoping to get out of the experience..

but in general:

-be clean
-do not pick sides when they get into petty arguments
-be willing to clean up after them (if it's a reasonably-sized mess)...don't be petty or resentful about it either. women are messy as shit, and the whole house's morale declines when the place gets messy.
-be easy-going and avoid conflict at all costs.. do not get emotionally involved at all.
-be sociable
-be kind, and jovial. people (women especially) are attracted to where there is joy.
-buy things for the house on occasion, like alcohol and pizza
-do not lend them money
-do not expect them to repay any kindness you demonstrate

I can answer specific questions that you might have.. I lived with 4 girls a couple years ago


How many times did they accuse you of rape?


Mind your fucking business.
Clean up after yourself.
Do not bring any one night stands around them, actual potential GFs, parade that shit like a motherfucker as they will want to judge.
Speak when spoken to. haha


I've had female roommates before. It's no big deal.