Living With 3 College Football Players

[quote]Eric Cressey wrote:
They have to want to help themselves. You can definitely lead by example, though. Make sure that your Grow! and Surge are in view, eat the right stuff, and answer their questions when they ask.[/quote]

Exactly, I don’t say anything to anybody else on the team in terms of training or nutrition unless they ask me directly, and I also make it clear that our head S&C coach is that for a reason, he has experience. Granted, while I personally would love to see some of the football players switch to West-Side type training in the off-season, I’ve come to learn that sometimes the best thing to do is keep your mouth shut unless asked to speak, especially if you are considering this as a connection to the athletic department. Use them to meet people, but if you start offering them advice the S&C coach might feel as if you are undermining him.

Don’t assume you know more then the S&C coach, even if you do. It could end up hurting your chances with connections and the players as well.

Start getting anal about the diet and drinking and watch how fast you get pitched from the apartment.

[quote]Pretzel Logic wrote:
Reminds me of an article I read about Julius Peppers. He said he ate like shit and almost never lifted untill he got to the pros. He said he lived on chips, micrwave crap from the freezer and vending machine food and would pretend to workout or duck out of weightlifing when he was at North Carolina. Obviously this is an extreme case of good genes, but sometimes athletic ability and skill can overcome bad diet and workout. Lawrence Taylor is another good example.[/quote]

funny you said that i remember a story about Lawrence Taylor that they once found him passed out in a hotel room right before a game, after a huge night of partying drinking and drugs.

they got him to the stadium and suited him up and he had 12 tackles and three sacks.