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Living to 104

I just read an old post with opinions about Chad Waterbury and Christian Thibaudeau. Who is right in is approach, a good example, has more knowledge ?
Well they are self-employed.
Are they clean ?
How clean are they ?
They both promote BOOSTERS or as they call them s u p p l e m e n t s .
1 thing is clear to me is that they both s t r e c h the truth to increase their income.
The 1 i choose to fallow is Jack Rabbit.
I was lucky to meet him over 30 years ago, he was 104. He died at 111 being the oldest man alive the fourth human behind 3 woman.
He was walking daily to get his mail or cross country skiing and chopping his wood. His mind was alert, his eyes and smile i still remember. Vegetarian for many decades his protein intake was not his focus. He came to north america from a scandinavian country and competed in some winter olympic about 80 years ago. He was short and small. I think his last name was Johanson.

At 54 i train to maybe reach 104 being healthy and smiling.
Pictures from today are not showing how Chad or Christian will look . . .