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Hey guys just some quick feedback would be appreciated

My BA and BB showed up today. I will be brewing 10 bottles of test E. I have my equipment and a few different formulas. Here are my questions

my current formula for the test E is
2% BA
18% BB
Displacement I’ve been led to believe is 0.943mL

25grams without displacement i assumed would give me what i was to achieve or do i need to add a little more powder to be bang on 250mg/ml

The labels on the gear they sell says the use 2% and 15%

Is this why i get less PIP with their at another lab? And is that fine to do? Any reason to not do that?

  1. does anyone have any first brew advice?


My sarms brews i got rid of DMSO and switch to a 142 proof alcohol and it doesnt leave the dragon breath anymore. Thanks for the advice on that a couple months ago!

I just don’t want my gear to be under or over dosed at all.

If I were you I would look up recipes on forums where brewing is talked about more. I am capable of doing the math, but I also realize there are proven Test E recipes out there.

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I did thats where i stole the 2-18% and 2-15% i use powder calculator to find my numbers and enter that displacement. Im just unsure if it calculates my total amount or my remaining amount… i want ten even ten ml vials in the end and i only have 25 grams so i feel like ill wind up with 9 vials and a half vial or something

If you’re brewing 100ml of 250mg/ml, you for sure have 25 grams of powder, that will displace 23.575ml of carrier. I usually use 20/2 BB/BA, that’s easy, 20ml of BB and 2ml of BA.

So 23.575+20+2= 45.575
Now subtract that from 100ml final solution and that is your carrier oil amount (100-45.575=54.425).

Just plug in your values but that’s how it works.

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The ba/bb ratios. I have personally seen recipes that they swore work and it was no bb but the ba was like 7-8 or something like that. With typical test e, provided it’s well manufactured and we’ll washed at the end then you probably can do a ba/bb around 2/10. You just don’t need that much bb because the test e melts at slightly above room temps.

Really this forum isn’t set up with a home brew section. There is a fairly knowledgeable base at this other site that talks about muscle chemistry (hint hint).

Getting exactly 100mls at the end precisely…let me know when you figure out this formula, you can patent it and I will help you sell it. (For a percentage). Try as much as you can but you are just going to be off. Let’s say you are super duper precise and manage to measure out exactly the precise amount of ba, bb and oil. I assume you will be using syringes to drawl the liquids, believe it or not but the base of the needle where it screws into the syringe then the volume of the hollow needle tend to add up as you use a 3ml syringe to measure out 50 plus ml of oil. You could use veterinary large volume syringes but they are not that accurate. Then once you have it all in your beaker/flask you have to heat and stir it, nothing happens to volume there. Depending on how you filter it you are going to have some oil stuck in the filter and or the receiving vessel. For reference I usually brew test e @ 300 mgs in 100ml batches. I always overdose by 10% so 33grams not 30. Then I usually add an additional 3mls of oil over the calculations. If I get a finished batch that is over 96mls I consider it well done. One time I did end up with 98mls but to be honest I had lost track of the number of syringes filled with carrier that I put into the beaker/flask. So I have no idea if I put in an extra 3 or 6 mls.

Now my first brew I didn’t have this issue but if you remember I mentioned the quality of the manufacture to include the final wash. I got this batch of test e that when I brewed it I would get this weird “dirty” film that formed at the top of the beaker that I had the powder, ba and bb in. It was like the skin layer that forms on gravy sort of. Anyways I skimmed that off so that is why I now add an additional 3mls of carrier oil to the batches.

As far as advice, keep it as simple as possible. I use pre sealed and sterilized vials. I couldn’t properly sterilize and handle open vials if my life depended on it. Second do not even think about using a syringe filter for this batch. Just break down and buy some of those single use vacuum filters. You will need a pump with those , I just use a cheap brake bleeder. A vacuum filter will be about 15 minutes a syringe filter will be (if you are very lucky) around 4 hours. Yeah the syringe filters are cheeper but you end using a numerous ones.

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Thanks for all that advice everyone

I have a little bit more then 25 grams to be honest but I dont have any need for wasting it all on my first go. Im sure ill improve over time. I just want to finish with ten vials on the first round because a few friends are going to try it as well.

As for what i have.

I purchased a vacuum, filters, glass set, 30ml syringes, open vials, a few(alot less) closed sterile vials(what my first run will be using until i learn to sterilize well.) I just got my BA and BB in the mail this week. 120ml of each.

I have 10 grams of Prop and a fair bit more of the test e. Its all personal use so its useless to make it all.

My goal is to do a few different test blends. Then get into Tren and Deca. I hear trens a little more difficult. I bought so bunk tren from a lab and they blamed me. The " other lab " was great but i keep giving myself tren coughs like every 10 pokes. (Definitely 100% my shit pokes)

How does one know the shelf life of a bottled product anyways?

Do not charge them anything. Should go without saying, but if you’re ever caught with dozens of full vials it’d be tough to argue you didn’t have intent to distribute if you had already sold some.

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Oh no definitely. I wouldn’t sell anything. I just realize that if I’ve been using “over or under dosed” gear, it may help to get other opinions who don’t use the same suppliers i use already. I want my homebrew to be bang on. The bottles are free. Thankfully possession in canada isn’t prohibited so as long as i dont sell anything i should be ok. Im only keeping three bottles to myself and the rest can go to whoever wants to try it.

Not charging anyone who wants to try it anything. Refers to the shipping. Ill pay that. I could have worded that better for sure

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I can’t speak to your country’s actual laws, but giving steroids to friends would be classed as distribution in most places. Not something you would want to say if ever confronted by law enforcement.
Stay frosty buddy!

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That is a very good point. Wouldnt want to see my lawyers bill after that argument made its way to court ever.

All guys fuck that no freebies haha. All going into my own meat. Maybe ill batch up less then.

Your vacuum filter should be good up to 150mls, that’s the smallest size I have seen.
If you want to make sure that you have 10 bottles at the end then brew 120mls, that’s only calls for 30mgs of test e and you indicated you had over 25g. If you do the 120mls you can also overfill the vials as well. My presealed pre sterilized vials that came from a med lab source site can hold 12 mls but really I try to fill at 11-11.5. If you do 120mls and you “loose” a little bit from the transfer to the filter and what is left coating everything in the filter then you can safely assume 11 vials with a few holding slightly over 10mls.

In my experience the higher the melting point of the hormone the harder the brew and “final hold” is. I have found that if the brew crashes in the vial then I can put a venting needle in the septum then bake the vial at like 250 f for about 45 minutes and it usually makes it hold, at least for a while.

The other thing I have found is do the heated brew, let it cool down while stirring here and there. Then reheat while stirring. Then cool down enough to filter and bottle.

I have never gotten my brew over boiling temp. When you put the beaker/flask in a pan with about 1-2 inches of water, the water will only get to boiling then turn into steam. I have been thinking about changing the water out for cannola oil but oil has very different characteristics when heated vs water. I have yet to brew anything with a really high melt temp like winstrol or whatever, however that is on the to do list.

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With test e, I used to go 2 and 10, BA/BB. A simple compound to get into solution, and can be brewed at a relatively high concentration mg/ml without crashing at a 2:10 ratio.

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