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Living Life a Quarter-Mile at a Time

I’ve been training for 400m for a year now and have decided to keep track of my track training and gym work on this site as a log, just incase i want to look over it in the future or anybody would like to know how i train or how i’m progressing.

My main event is 400m but i also compete in 200m and sometimes 100m for my club and in open meets. I am 18 years old and my current stats are:

Weight: 164lbs
Height: 5’9
60m - 7.77 i
100m - 12.15
200m - 24.60
400m - 53.83

As i am in competition season atm a lot of my track training is quality based with long recovery and fast times as opposed to speed endurance training during the winter.

At the moment i train on the track on mondays and thursdays with my coach and then do my own speed session on saturday. In the gym i train on tuesdays, wednesdays, fridays and sundays alternating upper and lower body.

Sunday 22nd May:

Multi-Stage Fitness Test (Bleep Test):
Level 10, 10 minute rest, Level 11.

Monday 23rd May (track):

Insanely windy so slow times today but bad weather is good for a training effect.

450m - 67s (10 min recovery)
350m - going through first 200m in 25.5s and holding on (10 min recovery)
250m - going through first 200m in 25.0s and holding on (walk a lap recovery)
150m - 20.0