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Living Legend

Today while benching in my over crowded gym, some little man came up and set up a barbell to teach his friend to deadlift right in front of me. Both were middle age and one obviously expenced in the lift, the other not-so. At first i was a little pissed off as the guys ass was about an inch from touching my knees as we both did our lift. I sat up and realised the little guy doing the instructing was none other than Precious McEnzie (sorry if the spelling’s wrong). He helped the guy from struggling-with-the-bar to doing 200lbs pretty comfortably. Precious then worked up to a pretty easy 400lb lift (using MY CHALK [OMG]). Not bad for someone who’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore.
Needless to say i smoked all of my benches today and learned even the smallest of hands can get around the hook grip :slight_smile:
Seriously motivating to meet such a weapon of a man. Confidence and good vibes just oozed out the guy… very cool

Who the hell is P.M.?

A little guy who has deadlifted pound for pound more than any other man in history–correct me if I’m wrong.

Has he done more than Lamar Gant pound for pound?

Damn you, Whetu. For not getting a pic to post here. :wink:

sorry 'trish, i was too dumbstruck to even think about getting my phone to take a snap…
maybe if i see him again :slight_smile:

Gant’s the best pound for pound, but Mckenzie was close.

Yes, and?

I have met him before, and George Newton (thats an old english name - his damn cat scratched me up) amongst others


I dont know what federation he is ‘world champion’ in, as it isnt the IPF WABDL??
I wouldnt say hes the best lb/lb deadlifter in the world, potentially ‘in his day’ but Gant did 290@56, 310@60, Austin did 320@67.5 and inzer 353.8@75