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Living in USA


Hi T-men :slightly_smiling:

i'm from EU, Italy... i have a life full of stuff here.. but sometimes... i just feel i need to run away :slightly_smiling:

im 29(well i'll be 29 jan 20th) i own a gym (with a couple of friends) and i have a job as software developer.

in the past (about 8years ago) i have the opportunity to go to USA for a job.. i don't get t up and my life flow through a different pattern.

simetimes i still thought to that possibulity.. so:
1) how difficult is live and work in USA for a European?
2) US is a big country.. where to start? east coast? west coast?
3) green card / Visa.. where i can find more information on it?

thx bro :slightly_smiling:


Difficult. Not impossible.

Goto the American Embassy web sites to check out the immigration process. The "easy" way is by VISA but they are only valid for a couple of years or so (different types). If you have a specialized skill, that can be the basis for a VISA appplication which, with a good sponsor (e.g. employer) can help it get fast-tracked (note: fast tracked is not fast).

A green card is what you would ultimately need, as it allows you to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely. It too is a lengthy process, even when you're fast-tracked again.

East or West coast? East makes you just 5-6h from Europe, so you can phone home more easily but also contact Europeans at work when you too are at work. On West coast, they go home when you start - makes it tougher for international business. West coast is typically dryer than east, and lower humidity, also more popular, perhaps; more expensive, probably. The Southern states are more affordable, warmer (hot 'n humid in the Summer).

You have a long haul ahead of you. Good luck!



bro i don't know anything about getting in but once you do being italian you should have no trouble talking anybody over here into doing virtually anything you want them to do.


just because i'm italian? :slight_smile:
it is so simple:)?

thanks for the advice... i'll look to plan it...


Since you're a software developer, you might get in with that. Look into H-1 class visas, which are temporary work visas based on rare skills. Ultimately you'll need a green card, but the H-1 might get you in there.

Once you get there, man, it's really really great country to live in and it's hard to not have a good time. The hardest part is understanding the amount of things you can do and filtering the crap out. But it's really great there.


less because you're italian more because people over here are lazy and stupid. probably more lazy than stupid but personally i see laziness as the essence of stupidity but anyway,...btw see TC's column today... so pretty much anyone who is educated,willing to work and understands rudimentary concepts like shit from shinola, sucker born every minute, stitch in time saves nine, money talks bullshit walks, and a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, has a huge advantage over the average joe. and that pretty much means italians,brits, germans, indians, chinese, japanese, and australians.


I got all of them but this. No clue what this means.


If you fix something before it breaks, you're way ahead.


Is anyone else amused
by someone bitching about Americans being lazy and stupid, yet not having the energy/intelligence to write properly?

That's gotta be the definition of irony right there.


It means Ben Franklin didn't know how to use commas appropriately. The meaning would be clearer as "A stitch, in time, saves nine." It still wouldn't rhyme though.


see attch.

am i bitching, or merely demonstrating the point ? i believe it was john stewart who said " if you don't believe americans are stupid i know a nigerian banker who wants your e-mail address."


if anything id say get your english to your peak before coming. itll save yourself from ALOT of misunderstandings. Although...youre gonna have to learn alot of slang/lingo from here.


Bro, why would you want to leave Italy? Do you realize you are in one of the most beautiful places inthe world? Surrounded by gorgeous Italian women? And are you aware of the culinary bliss you are giving up? If you're hell bent on coming over here, I would recomend West Coast, especially if you want to work as a programmer. The climate in California will probably be to your liking. Whatever you decide, good luck to you.


attach that again.