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Living In Singapore?

Anyone familiar/live in Singapore? I may be moving there to work for the U.S. Navy…any help/info. is appreciated.


I’m studying in Singapore currently. Ain’t a local and have only been around 3 and a half years. But it’s a pretty small place so doesn’t take long to get familiar with it.

What kind of info would you like?

Any you got…basically I’m thinking about moving there with my wife and 3 kids…


I’ve never been there, but I know they speak predominately English and Mandarin Chinese. For such a small nation, it’s incredibly rich too.

The whole country is basically a giant city.

I had a long (8-hour) layover in their airport, and the public bathroom smelt like roses. They also had free iMac’s for anyone to use and a massage parlor, amongst other things. That’s about all I can offer.

[quote]sen say wrote:
Any you got…basically I’m thinking about moving there with my wife and 3 kids…


Hmm well where should I begin. Firstly, that there bed in your profile pic might get cropped down to something a bit smaller because living space is a highly prized thing around here. But I guess the Navy will be taking care of accommodation for you so I don’t need to go into that, right?

Communication shouldn’t be a problem, though it might take a while to get accustomed to ‘singlish’. It will be tougher for the kids if they join a local school cause Singaporean kids use complex singlish with a lot more quirks and words derived from chinese dialects. They tend to switch between singlish and chinese a lot when talking amongst themselves. Also the people here are generally quite reserved. I don’t know any kids but from what I’ve seen they are pretty shy with foreigners. So your children might have a bit of a hard time settling in.

Living around here is pretty convenient. The MRT and buses can take you anyplace on the island, and the cabs aren’t that expensive either. Anyplace you live you’ll have a supermarket, food courts, and other stuff nearby. Food courts here are cheap and not totally unhealthy if you buy from the right stalls. Much better than fast food anyway. But local food is an acquired taste. Anyway being a T-man I guess you mostly just eat home cooked food and finding all the groceries you need shouldn’t be a problem.

There are some nice places to see but it won’t take you long to discover all of them. After that the only options for going out seem shopping, movies, or a restaurant/club/bar. But it’s easy to drop by some neighboring country for a little trip whenever you get the chance. You can go to Malaysia on a bus and an air ticket to Thailand is pretty cheap from here. Exchange rate is pretty favorable with these countries relative to both the US and Singapore dollar. Many people head off for a quick trip whenever some public holiday tags up with a weekend. Phuket, Tioman islands, Genting…

There are a lot of the usual Plant Fitness kind of lousy over priced gyms around, but there are some decent ones too. There’s this chain of gyms called ClubFitt all over the island. They are cheap and have squat racks and all the necessary stuff but still ain’t exactly hardcore. I stay in a university and train there so I haven’t really looked around (yea ok actually it’s because I’m a newbie).

I dunno if T-Nation ship here but on the island GNC is the only supplement provider I’ve seen. There are some local online stores too. But GNC and these seem to be selling only the Ultimate Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition kinda stuff. Might be hard to find supplements to match Biotest standard, though again I haven’t really looked into it much.

Any questions just shoot.

T-Nation does ship here. Hell yes.

I do a lot of work for a company over there. They have some…unusual business customs but other than that I don’t know much.

When will you maybe be moving? I may be visiting Singapore in a few months for work. I’ll report back my findings should they be of any use to you.

Am a local, if you have any question shoot me a PM and i’ll try my best to answer.

From gyms, supplements, groceries etc…
Show you around and hook up with some training buddies too if you like.

We stay in Malaysia ,been to Singapore a few times. My impression- was that of a clean, safe city,but like Kuala Lumpur -dam traffic jam. I think you will enjoy living there, once you adapt to heat. I do all workouts in early am. Also go easy on chilies and try not drink any water straight from tap. I shop gnc ,but don’t expect U.S prices-I eat many eggs an drink much milk. Should be smooth sailing.
good luck

Thanks for all the advice. They hired someone else

How easy is it to get fresh(wild) food out there. I assume it would be very easy for wild seafood but what about grass-fed beef or free range chicken.

[quote]sen say wrote:
Thanks for all the advice. They hired someone else [/quote]

Better people, better food, and better beer
Why move around the world?
When Eden was so near?

Theres a place in singapore where you get aussy grass fed beef - Ribeyes are 18bucks per kg or 2.2lbs, Striploin at 12 bucks per kg.

I get most of my meat from them.

The food in this region is great-never get bored with the food.