Living in China

I’m going to be living in China for the next year. Does anyone know what the legal status of roids is or how they can be obtained.

I heard that in some Beijing pharmacies prescriptions are not required but it seems like info on China is changing everyday.


A friend of mine lived in china for about 2 years, here is what he had to say about steroids there.

"From what I know they are not obtained very easily BUT, I never looked for them and I don’t know about pharmacies in Beijing. What I could tell you is that China is a huge counterfeit market so I would be especially careful when buying any sort of medicine, remedy, whatever…I was always skeptical of the quality, I heard some horror stories.

Another this is getting syringes? Not sure where you could get those or if you would want to draw that kind of attention to yourself? Again, the safety issue with syringes would be enough to keep me away from it. Not sure about the legal status.

Out of any Chinese city, Beijing would probably be the last place I would want to get into anything illegal, the central government is there and people are more sophisticated and aware of illegalities that foreigners might get into. Needless to say, a Chinese prison is one of the last places I would want to be…I imagine getting deported wouldn’t be too pleasant either, not to mention having that on your record.

I’m sure they are around, there are some big chinese dudes, it would probably be best to make friends with some guys at a local gym who you can safely assume are on the juice try and learn more from them."

Hope that helps

I saw Andriol on the shelves for 5-8 USD a box but most people on this site will tell you that Andriol is garbage. But if you can buy testosterone unducenate on the shelves legally I don’t see why others will be illegal.

I lived there for awhile and the were some GIANT Chinese MOFO’s at the gym I trained at, so I would guess that “yes” there is more available than just Andriol.

OH! And yes, as the previous poster mentioned they do have a MASSIVELY HUGE fake drug market so be careful. The Triad’s are well known drug counterfeiters. The sick bastards even counterfeit malaria drugs and then people end up dead.

I would think that China would be same and Hong Kong as far as the law in concerned. You can import or process AAS for personal use of 3 months supply (but whos to say what 3 months supply is).

In HK you can by over the counter but prices are not cheap as you would think. 1 amp test-e 250mg could go for $HK130 each. But as far as I know not much around over the counter in mainland China - but huge black market. Pins are OTC - no problems there.

Best bet would by to go to thailand to pick up your supply. Flights are dirt cheap from China and the gear is cheap. If you plan to go this way let me know and I’ll let you know the best place to go to get everything you will need.

I live in China, you can buy test prop, andriol, winstrol and methyltest over the counter, you may just have to check out multiple pharmacies as the goods can be hard to find. Everything is really cheap though the andriol is a little costly.